Installare Ex-Novo Lion from DVD [SlideToMac Guide]

As we know, Mac OS X 10.7 is only released via the Mac App Store. However, it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

Apple made it even easier to install the new operating system. But if we wanted to completely format ours Mac?
SlideToMac will show you the steps to take.
First, we need to burn the copy purchased on the Mac App Store to DVD, as we have indicated in this article.
After burning, we can proceed to insert it into the reader of our Mac and restart it.

As soon as our Mac restarts, we hold down the "C" key: we will instruct the Mac to boot directly from DVD.
To be sure it is reading from the optical media, just hear the classic noise of the DVD being read.
This starting phase can last several minutes: do not worry if you see the “wheel” spinning.

When you are done with the initial stages, we will have the screen with the following choices:

  • Restore from Tima Machine: to recover all data from a backup;
  • Reinstall Mac OS X;
  • Find Help On Line;
  • Utility Disco.

In our case, wanting to reinstall the operating system from scratch, we will have to choose the last option: Disk Utility.
Once this choice has been made, we can proceed to format the hard disk.
Once you have chosen the disk to format, click on "Initialize" and wait for the end of the operation.

At this point we exit from Utlity Disco and we will restart the selection screen again.

This time we will have to click on “Reinstall Mac OS X” and we will be offered the procedure which appears to be the same even if we reinstalled with Snow Leopardo active.
As you can see, Apple has tried to minimize the risk of accidental data loss.

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