Complete guide to Telegram

Complete guide to TelegramComplete guide to Telegram"> Most users use WhatsApp on their smartphone because it is the most widespread and this makes it easy to start a chat with a person we know or whose phone number we know. But for years the success of WhatsApp has been undermined by the growth of another free messaging app, able to give it a hard time: Telegram.
This app offers several innovative features and presents itself as a much more practical and safe alternative, to the point of completely replacing WhatsApp in all scenarios. If we want to try the app but don't know where to start, in this one complete guide to Telegram we will explain all the main advantages of the service in a clear and understandable way, so that even a user not used to changes or who has recently used the smartphone can switch to Telegram without any help.

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Complete guide to Telegram

This guide is mostly reserved for beginners of the app or technology in general: if we already use the app or other similar services, we will certainly be able to do most of the things we will see below. In any case, a "review" never hurts, even if we already use Telegram on our device.

How to install the app and sign up for the service

As already written, Telegram can be downloaded for PC, Android and iOS.
Installing the Telegram app is very simple, since it is available on the Google Play Store (on all Android devices) and on the App Store (on all iPhone and iPad models).

Compatibility is very high, to the point that even on old smartphones from 4-5 years ago it is still possible to install it without problems.
Once downloaded on our device, open it and enter our phone number to start registering our account: just like on WhatsApp, an activation code will be sent via SMS to be used within the app to confirm the mobile number and finally access the service.
Activation via SMS is only necessary at the first start: when we add Telegram on other devices, the code will be sent directly to one of the devices on which our Telegram account is already active (as a service message).

NOTE: : in order to take full advantage of the Telegram services, give your consent to all the permissions that will be requested, in particular to access the address book and to send notifications.
NOTE 2: If you want to switch from Whatsapp to Telegram, it is possible transfer Whatsapp chats to Telegram easily.

How to send a message in chat

Once the app is installed on our mobile phone or tablet, to open a new chat, simply press the pencil icon at the bottom right (on Android) or in the Chat section, at the top right (on iPhone), so to open the address book of our phone and choose who to start messaging with.
Complete guide to Telegram

Now all we have to do is press on the text field indicated as Message and start writing the text to send. If we want to send a voice note, just press and hold the microphone icon at the bottom right; tapping on the same icon instead we will switch from voice note mode to video mode, so you can quickly decide what to send.
To add a photo from our gallery or to send a document, all we have to do is press the paper clip icon (always at the bottom right) and choose what to send in the gallery preview; alternatively we can press one of the buttons below to open the entire gallery, to send any file (including PDF or Office document), to send the position or to send the data of a contact.
Finally, we can send an emoji by pressing the smile icon at the bottom left.

How to start a secret chat

Telegram messages are usually secure enough, but the service relies on a series of servers around the world to sort traffic. To avoid the use of these servers and create a real secret chat between us and the contact, simply open the chat with the interlocutor, press on their profile picture, scroll the page and press on Start secret chat.
Complete guide to Telegram

After confirmation, a new chat window will start, from which we can send all secret messages without leaving a trace, set a self-destruct timer (from the top right menu) and disable the functions that can compromise privacy (notifications will be anonymous and the forward button is not available either).
Even if it is not directly ascertainable in these chats, it is not possible to take screenshots: the app tells the system to block this feature.

How to make a free call

Another very coveted feature on messaging apps is the one that allows you to make secure free calls between Telegram contacts. To start a call, simply open the chat with the contact, press at the top right on the menu with the three dots or on the profile photo and press on the item Call.
Complete guide to Telegram

The audio quality is very good and Telegram warns of the security of the call, also showing graphically random symbols that can be compared with the interlocutor (as proof of the non-interceptable P2P call).

How to create a group or channel

Two other very useful functions of Telegram are groups and channels, useful for obtaining a common chat between friends, colleagues, tenants, classes or relatives or to manage a kind of "feed" of news and offers, to be communicated to our customers or to the users who follow us.

To create a group or channel, simply press the button with the three horizontal lines at the top left (on Android) or the chat icon at the top right (on iPhone and iPad), then select New group o New channel.
Complete guide to Telegram

Once our choice has been confirmed, all we have to do is invite as many friends or acquaintances as possible, selecting them from our address book and also asking for their help to grow the community.

How to add stickers

Among the most popular news of Telegram there are certainly stickers and animated stickers, a real fashion that is completely changing the way we communicate in chat. To add stickers to our chats, all we have to do is press the smile-shaped icon at the bottom left and press on the square symbol with a smile inside, present in the lower bar.
Complete guide to Telegram

To add new ones, just press the + icon in the top bar, next to the sticker pack icons (if we don't see the icon, scroll to the left since it is always the last icon in the row) and choose which ones to add among those provided by Telegram, by pressing the button Add.
If we see a new sticker appear in a chat with friends or relatives and we want to add it to our collection, just press on it and choose Add stickers.

How to send GIFs

Another very common fashion in chats is the sending of GIFs, small animated images taken from films, TV series, famous characters or funny situations that we can use in chats to have some fun.
With Telegram we do not have to open the browser to search for new GIFs: instead, we press the smile-shaped icon at the bottom left and then press the icon GIF in the bottom bar.
Complete guide to Telegram

To search for new ones, simply use the search bar Close GIF and type the animated image. To help us with the search, we recommend that you also use the terms in English.

How to manage notifications

If we do not wish to receive notifications from a contact, open the offending chat, press at the top right on the menu with the three dots or on the profile photo then select Silence notifications.
Complete guide to Telegram

A new window will open where you can choose the silent duration: we can start from an hour up to 2 days. If, on the other hand, we want to completely turn off notifications for a chat or a group we will have to select the item disable.

To manage all the exceptions and check the notifications of each element manageable by Telegram, we open the left side menu and press on Settings (on Android) or click on the bottom right Settings (on iPhone and iPad) so let's get into the menu Notifications and sounds.
Complete guide to Telegram

By tapping on Private Chats, Groups or Channels we will be able to decide on what to display the notifications, which contacts, groups or channels to block or whether to unlock some previously placed block.

How to start chats from PC

Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to manage multiple devices at the same time, without necessarily having to leave the smartphone connected. To start our Telegram from a computer, we install the official Telegram program (compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux), enter our phone number and retrieve the security code from the app of our already configured mobile device.
Complete guide to Telegram

We will have practically all the features of Telegram even on our work computer or studio tablet, without having to leave the other active sessions.
If we cannot install apps or programs on our device, we can always rely on the Telegram Web page, which works as a web app.


Telegram is for many the best messaging app in the world and the steady growth of users on this platform is the most compelling proof of this. Currently it is much more fun and practical than WhatsApp and the only flaw is the lack of video calls (instead present on the rival).

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Complete guide to Telegram

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