Phil Spencer loves Vampire Survivors and…garlic

Phil Spencer loves Vampire Survivors and…garlic

vampire survivors has recently been available on Microsoft home consoles and is also included in the catalog Game Passport di Xbox. Less than a week after the debut it already seems that the title of poncle I'm having a lot of fun Phil Spencer! Through the account Twitter il CEO di Xbox shared a screenshot taken from one of his last matches without hiding his enthusiasm for garlic.

For his adventure in the world of vampire survivors, title developed by poncle, Spencer chose Poe Ratcho: the initial weapon of the character is just the garlic and, according to what was stated by the head of Xbox this is precisely the best way to fight against the hordes of vampires and consequently, annihilate them.

Garlic ftw @poncle_vampire #VampireSurvivors #XboxShare

Phil Spencer loves Vampire Survivors and…garlic

Phil Spencer and his predilection for garlic to deal with vampires!

After posting the first photo, a fan pointed out that he fell shortly after the screenshot. Phil Spencer he recounted the experience, explaining that he played for less than half an hour but that he used garlic to advance his character: unfortunately his tactic didn't help against an oversized robot that arrived later and put an end to the Spencer's match!

Despite his match lasting less than half an hour, the CEO di Xbox promised that he will soon return to the world created by the game director Luca Galante!

I lost about twenty four minutes later. Garlic was fully evolved, my character gained different experience thanks to the spell to increase the radius of crystal collection. Everything was fine, then the giant robot arrived, I should have been more careful, but I fell anyway. I will be back soon.

At about 24 mins I fell, fully evolved garlic and wand with boosted gather range had me able to sit and harvest. Only when oversized robot came did I have to start being more careful and got taken down. But I WILL BE BACK

The roguelike of poncle is available from the beginning of October for MacOS e Windows, after a stint in Early Access starting November 10, it's now up Xbox One e Series S | X and immediately, as already mentioned, it was included in the catalogue Game Pass!

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