Vampire Survivors: what is reverse mode and how to unlock it

Vampire Survivors: what is reverse mode and how to unlock it

It doesn't matter that its technical section is outdated or that its startup syntax is simple: Vampire survivors All this is a vice. And not only for Our partner Alvaro has become an addictOne of the best Steam titles of 2022.

With the release of version 1.0, the creators of Vampire Survivors They added some great news…one of them is the reverse mode.

video Survivors – Release Date Announcement v1.0- (1080p)

Do you think everything will be easier? The poncle title might be more convenient than it was to start with, but there's a counterproductive way to remember the nightmares you experienced while in Early Access.

Vampire Survivors is available for PC via Steam, Windows (Microsoft Store), and PC Game Pass. In this guide we show it to you How to unlock reverse mode and what new it brings.

Unlock reverse mode

Note that the reverse mode makes Surviving the Vampires It has become more difficult than ever. Enemies will be faster and stronger, gaining benefits with every passing minute… although you will also receive more rewards.

To unlock the reverse mode, the first thing to do is Get the eudaimonia machine stagewhich is blocked from starting.

To unlock the Eudaimonia machine, you need to get it 11 artifacts In other levels of Vampire Survivors. Are the following:

  • dark grimoire
  • Quality of Ars
  • Map of the Milky Way
  • magical explosion
  • Witch tears
  • crystal wizard
  • master of the mind
  • yellow signal
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
  • great gospel
  • random

Once you have your 11 artifacts (it will take a few hours, yes), you should start playing Eudaimonia Machine. There we will meet a strange and gloomy creature.

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Specifically, we'll see what a tree-shaped object looks like with masks floating around it. It is called Mysterious EntityAnd we can talk to her.

It will allow us to choose between two options: Very easy (red) and very difficult (green). Choose the former and he will give you a mirror of grace, a really useful item.

Suddenly, we will reappear in the Vampire Survivors main menu. If you notice that the interface is now upside down and when we play at some point we can switch between the original version and the reverse.

Now, what is the reverse situation? They are basically the same levels, but They are now reversed and some difficulty changes are being made In vampire survivors.

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For example, enemies start with +200 maximum health and for every minute that passes this percentage increases by 5%. Of course, the good thing is that we receive +200% gold and +20% luck It's a complete reverse game. The merchant also sells some exclusive items in this mode.

Do you play Vampire Survivors? Then you might be interested to know What's new to come in the future, or check out the following guides: How to Kill Death and Unlock His Playable Characters How to Unlock All Levels in the Game.

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