How to defeat death and survive for over 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors

How to defeat death and survive for over 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors

Here's how to survive 31 minutes in the Inlaid Library

Vampire Survivors is all about survival in a sea of ​​classic movie monsters. But once you hit thirty minutes, the game ends with Death rushing in and killing you instantly. However, there is a way to survive this encounter and even defeat the grim reaper.

In this guide we will teach you how to survive over 31 minutes in the Inlaid Library to unlock the Disco of Gold Arcana and defeat Death to unlock the Red Death secret character.

Before the race

To both survive death and defeat him (the latter being the much harder task of the two), you'll need to have already spent a lot of gold on upgrades and upgrades. If you don't have enough gold to buy most of the upgrades, this is probably a task best saved for later on your Vampire Survivors journey.

If you're ready to face Death, though, purchase all but three upgrades: Growth, Curse, and Magnet. If you're low on gold, you can also ignore greed for this purpose. (Note that you can easily get your gold back if you've already invested in the three power-ups listed above).

When your boosts are set, select the Inlaid Library map, activate hyper mode (and haste mode off), and select Clerics as your character (which you unlock by regenerating 1.000 total health).

Now, start the run.

Setting up

Image: Poncle via {brand_origin}

Once loaded, select Awake or Slash Arcanas before starting. Once you have control of Clerici, you need to move fast.

Walk up and to your left. Grab the green gem to instantly level up once and grab Runetracer. If Runetracer does not appear in your options, re-roll until you get it or quit and restart - Runetracer is mandatory for this strategy.

Once you have Runetracer, quickly run around the table to your left and walk into the small closet. Place Clerici's right hand (when he's facing you) just below the watch. His head should be in line with the leftmost slot in the shelf. Check out the image above and mimic our placement.

You should still be level two at this point. If you accidentally leveled up to level three or higher, go back and try again.

If you're in the correct position and still low level, you'll shoot a massive Runetracer, blocking the entrance to the corner. This is due to Clerici's special bonus, which increases the area of ​​his weapons while still low-level.

All you have to do now is wait up to 30 minutes. Sometimes you may take damage and may die. But if you die regularly, you're probably out of position. This is not an exact science and there is some luck involved.

Kill death

After 30 minutes, Death will kill everything and swoop into the map. Once you see it, run quickly and look for the red gem on the floor. This gem will contain dozens of XP levels.

As you grab XP and chests on your way to the gem, here are the items you're looking for:

  • Santa Claus water
  • runetracer
  • Laurel
  • Clock hand
  • Bracelet
  • Spell Collector
  • Empty tome
  • candelabrum

Knife, Bone, Attractor, and Magic Wand are all good additions to round out the rest of the build.

Once you're ready and level up, grab the chests around you and try to evolve your weapons. (Your Laurel is supposed to protect you from death and the Clock Lancet is supposed to freeze it).

With your build fully assembled, position yourself behind the table, across from the clock, and unleash hell upon Death.

Using this method, you should definitely be able to hit 31 minutes and unlock the Disco of Gold Aracana. Killing Death, on the other hand, is a little more than bullshit. Stay focused on him and he will eventually die. If he or his other death cronies defeat you, restart and try again using the same method.

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