How to get more views on Instagram

How to get more views on Instagram photos

How to get more views on Instagram

If you want to increase the number of views of photo that you post on Instagram, it is of fundamental importance that you create content that is visually beautiful, that is of quality and that can attract the interest of a greater number of people. If you think you are already posting content that meets these requirements, try to "measure yourself" with the users who are the most popular on the photo social network, so you can take a cue from their contents (which certainly does not mean copying them, that's clear!).

How can you practically do it? The best way to do this is to make full use of the "Explore" section of Instagram, which sorts photos and videos according to their degree of popularity. You can access it simply by pressing on the symbol of magnifying glass from the official Instagram app or by clicking on the compass from its web version.

Once you have viewed the most popular photos on Instagram, then the ones that are at the top, try to understand which are the themes that are most successful, how to deal with them and the techniques used by users to make the images visually more beautiful and captivating. When you understand the modus operandi to adopt to increase the views of photos on Instagram, try to publish content qualitatively similar to those seen, but without giving up to give a touch of originality to your photos, perhaps applying the same filters to all the shots or the same changes.

If you want to learn more about the topic and have other "tips" on how to take beautiful photos for Instagram, take a look at the tutorial I linked to you.

How to get more views on Instagram videos

Would you have more views on Instagram, in this case as regards i video that you post on the photographic social network? Try the following tips and you will see that if you work hard, you will be able to expand your audience over time.

Publish interesting and quality videos

How to get more views on Instagram

The first step you need to take to increase video views on Instagram is to post interesting and quality videos. Think about it: aren't these the characteristics that push you to watch a video (be it on Instagram or elsewhere)? And then you have to try to replicate the same "mental mechanism" with Instagram users, so that in scrolling their feed they feel pushed to watch the video you posted instead of moving on.

Therefore, publish videos that deal with interesting topics (perhaps related to your profile), that are not shot in dark or excessively bright locations and possibly well stabilized. Speaking of this, if you are interested in knowing how to improve the quality of a video and how to stabilize a video, read the insights in which I proceeded to explain how to best use solutions such as Avidemux  e iMovie.

To make it more enjoyable to watch the videos you post on Instagram, you can also insert music, writings or create funny movies: if the content you post is original, your audience will appreciate it a lot.

Curate the video description

How to get more views on Instagram

Curate the video description it is of paramount importance to make the Instagram algorithm show it to more users. To optimize the description of the videos you post, you can use hashtag, or those words (often written in English) preceded by the symbol (#) which serve to "label" the posted content and facilitate its retrieval by users who search on Instagram.

In the description of the videos I advise you to use hashtags that are not only Popular but also relevant with the content of the movie itself. To find out which are the most used, you can use third-party services such as Websta e Top Hashtag or some ad hoc apps like HashTags for Instagram e TopTags: all these solutions are 100% free.

In addition to making good use of the hashtags, use the description to arouse the curiosity of users who will view the post of the published video, for example by effectively using questions that feed users' curiosity about the video, such as: "Have you ever see such a thing while ...? " or “Are you curious about what happened to me yesterday? Watch the video and you will find out! “.

How to get more views on Instagram Stories

You would like to have more views on Stories of Instagram? Also in this case you can take some practical steps to make sure that more people view this content: let's find out together what they are.

Increase your followers

How to get more views on Instagram

It is clear that a large chunk of those who watch Stories on Instagram are those who already follow the creators of the content themselves. This means that increase the number of their followers it is also equivalent to increasing the potential number of viewers of one's own Stories. According to estimates made by some analytics companies, only about 9-10% of users are interested in the Stories posted by those who follow on Instagram; if you currently have 500 followers, then only 45-50 of them might actually see your Stories.

Are you wondering how you can increase the number of users who follow you, so as to consequently increase the viewers of the Stories? Unfortunately there are no "magic formulas" that allow you to do this, but there are certainly a couple of aspects you can pay attention to to improve the situation: quality of content you post and the frequency with whom you do it.

In fact, on Instagram, a lot of weight is given to visual content and its quality, so avoid posting photos and videos that are grainy or have other obvious defects. Furthermore, by regularly publishing quality content, you will increase the chances of being noticed by other users who, interested in the topics covered in the posts, may decide to follow you and, consequently, to see your Stories. If you pay attention to these two aspects, over time the number of people who follow you on the photographic social network will increase: trust us!

There are many other tricks you can take to increase followers on Instagram: if you remember, I have already talked about them in depth in the guide that I have just linked to you.

Involve the audience of the Stories

How to get more views on Instagram

Involve the audience of the Stories it is important if you want to increase the number of those who will view this kind of content. How can you practically do it? One way is to prefer the use of videos to photos, since videos have a much greater degree of involvement than images.

The use of videos, in fact, allows you to cultivate a more direct relationship with the public, which can allow you to encourage your audience to take specific actions, such as seeing the content that you will publish in the Stories of the next few days or following you on Instagram (if there is someone who is not yet a follower of yours).

A very useful tool to make Instagram Stories more engaging is the use of polls. Instagram has been introducing one for some time now interactive sticker which allows you to carry out surveys within the Stories: why don't you take the opportunity to ask your audience what they think about a certain topic or about a situation that happened to you and that you narrated on Instagram? By doing it regularly, you will accustom the users who follow you to interact with you and will be incentivized not to miss even one of your Stories!

If you want to deepen the topic and get more detailed information on how polls work on Instagram, do not hesitate to read the post I have already published on my blog. I am sure this reading will also be very useful to you.

How to have more views on the Instagram profile

How to get more views on Instagram

Do you want to have more views on your Instagram profile? Well, then there is little to do: you have to have a nice profile. No, it's not a play on words: if you think about it, what are the odds that someone is interested in taking a look at your Instagram profile if your username doesn't sound right, if your profile photo is not of quality or if your bio is not well edited? You answered correctly: none! And it is precisely because of this that you should pay attention to the following precautions.

  • Use the right name for the profile - the name you choose to use on Instagram can prompt users to visit your profile or, vice versa, not to. For this reason, you should choose a name that is easy to remember, that produces a phonetically pleasing sound and, above all, that is in theme with the content posted on the profile. If you want to deepen the subject and find out how to choose the name of the profile on Instagram, read the guide that I have just linked to you in which I have provided you with advice in this regard.
  • Use a quality profile photo - since the eye also wants its part, it is very important to use a profile photo that is of quality. The subject of the photo should be you: the ideal would be to use a photo that is flawless and that portrays your face in its entirety (so others won't have to zoom in to try to see your beautiful "big face"!) . If you use Instagram to promote your company, however, the use of the logo of the same is a must.
  • Curate the profile biography - edit the text of the biography and use the characters at your disposal to clearly express what you do in life, what are your hobbies, your favorite activities and your passions. If you want you can also insert hashtag in your profile bio (as long as they are relevant) in order to improve visibility in search results.

Are you interested in having more information on how to have a beautiful Instagram profile? Take a look at the guide I just linked to: there you will find many interesting ideas that will allow you to improve your profile, so that it is more attractive in the eyes of potential visitors and new followers.

Other useful solutions to have more views on Instagram

How to get more views on Instagram

In addition to the tips I gave you in the previous paragraphs, there are other "tips" you can pay attention to to get more views on Instagram. One of these is connect the Instagram profile to Facebook and other social networks: by doing so, the content posted on Instagram will be shared on multiple platforms and, consequently, could be viewed by a greater number of people.

Another trick that I recommend you try to increase the number of views on the photographic social network is create a company profile. By converting your personal account into a company profile (to do this just connect a Facebook page to your account) you can have a double benefit: having the possibility to sponsor the contents posted on Instagram, thus increasing the number of users to whom to show the videos. and Stories, and be able to access statistics regarding views in order to collect accurate and complete data regarding the content posted on your profile.

If you want more information on how to connect the Instagram account to Facebook and on how to switch from a private Instagram account to a company profile, take a look at the insights I have just linked to you: there you will find more information on how to proceed.

In addition, for more specific useful tips to increase your visibility on Instagram, read the guide that I linked to you because it can come in handy.

How to get more views on Instagram

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