How to open Winmail DAT File

Open Winmail DAT file on Windows

If you are looking for a solution related to how to open Winmail DAT file and you use a Windows PC, I recommend you rely on Winmail Opener. It is a small free application capable of recognizing (and displaying) the content of DAT files with an extremely simple user interface. To download it to your computer, connect to its website and click on the link Direct link (without installer) found at the bottom of the page. Please don't click on the link Winmail Opener located above or you will download a version of the installer containing additional promotional content.

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (winmail_opener.exe) and, in the window that opens, first click on Yes and then Next, I Agree, install e Finish to finish the installation process and start Winmail Opener.

Once Winmail Opener has started, click on the item Open file and select the file winmail.dat whose content you want to view. In this way, in the left part of the window the program will show you the text contained in the selected DAT file and on the right the documents it contains.

To copy the files contained in the winmail.dat archive to any folder on your PC (be they documents, photos or other objects), right-click on their icons, select the item Copy from the menu that appears and paste them in the desired folder (by doing right click> Paste).

Open Winmail DAT file on Mac

I use a Mac? No problem, even on the Apple operating system it is possible to easily open the winmail.dat and win.dat attachments using the appropriate software.

Among the applications to open Winmail DAT files on macOS that I recommend you try is TNEF's Enough which is completely free and works in an extremely simple way. To get it, connect to its official website and click on the first link you find under the heading Current version, for example version 3.7.

A download complete, apri il dmg package which contains TNEF's Enough, drag the program icon to the folder Applications say macOS and il gioco è fatto.

Now you have to open TNEF's Enough and feed it the winmail.dat or win.dat file that you received as an attachment via email. To start the software for the first time you have to right click on its icon, choose the item apri from the menu that appears and press the button apri in the window that opens. This is to prevent macOS restrictions measures (which block applications from non-certified developers by default) from preventing the software from running.

Once TNEF's Enough starts, drag the file winmail.dat o win.dat you want to display the program icon that appears in the Dock bar and that's it. To extract a file contained in a winmail.dat / win.dat file, all you have to do is take its icon and drag it out of the TNEF's Enough window.

Aprire file DAT Winmail in Thunderbird (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Thunderbird is one of the best free email clients available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. One of its main strengths is the extensions, which allow you to extend its functionality and make it even more complete than it is out-of-the-box. And it is through an extension that you can allow Thunderbird to open Outlook's winmail.dat and win.dat files.

The extension I'm referring to is called Lookout and you can install it directly from Thunderbird. To do this, start the program, click on the button che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Additional components from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, select the item Explore located in the left sidebar, search “lookout” in the search bar and press Submit.

At this point, locate the item LookOut (fix version), pigia sul pulsating Install placed next to the latter, wait a few seconds for the extension to be installed on the PC and click on the item Restart now to restart Thunderbird.

When restarted, Thunderbird will be able to "digest" the winmail.dat and win.dat files from Outlook and Exchange. To test this new feature of the program, try opening an email that contains the winmail.dat or win.dat file as an attachment and Thunderbird will show you the actual contents of the latter (which could be a text file, an image or other).

Aprire file DAT Winmail online

If you need to open small Winmail DAT files, you can also avoid installing applications on your computer and do everything from the web, just use the excellent free online service

Then connected to its main page, click on the button Choose file/Shop by Department to select the file winmail.dat to open (must be a maximum of 10MB) and click on Home to view its contents. After a few moments, you will see the list of files contained in the selected winmail.dat archive. To download them to your PC, click on their name and the download will start automatically.

If for one reason or another does not satisfy you, you can try Winmail.dat Reader which works in a very similar way.

Open Winmail DAT file on Android

If you have a smartphone or tablet Android, you can view the contents of winmail.dat and win.dat files using File Viewer - a free (ad-supported) app that allows you to view various types of files, including compressed archives, images, PDFs, ebooks and more. It works both via an internal browser (you start the app and select the file to open from a folder on the device) and by calling it from an external app. This means that, for example, you can select a winmail.dat file from Dropbox or Google Drive and view it in File Viewer.

At its first start, File Viewer will offer you a short tour of its main features and will ask you if you want to keep the advertising banners or want to disable them (for a fee): to keep the banners active and use the free app, press the button Continue with ads.

Then choose whether to open a winmail.dat / win.dat file present in the folder Download or in another folder on the device, by selecting the item Device Storage. Alternatively, as already mentioned above, you can select a winmail.dat / win.dat file from another app and open it with File Viewer by selecting it from the menu that opens (unless the app is started in a automatic because it is already associated with .dat files).

The content of the .dat files will be displayed in the form of text and attachments. You can therefore choose whether to save the attachments by pressing the button Save placed next to their names, or open them by pressing the button Open.

Open Winmail DAT file on iOS

If you have one iPhone or iPad, you can open Winmail DAT files with Letter Opener - an app that works via the iOS share menu. You can download it for free, but it is not 100% free: the display of the textual content and the icons of the attachments is free, while to view the content of the attachments you have to buy the full version of the app for 3,99 euros.

After installing Letter Opener from the App Store, to use the application just select the winmail.dat / win.dat file to open from any app installed on the device (eg. Dropbox or iCloud Drive), call up the sharing menu (by pressing icon of arrow going up) and select the icon Copia in Letter Opener give the menu to compare.

If 3,99 euros seems too high a price to view winmail.dat and win.dat files on your device, you can try Winmail File Viewer which costs 1,99 euros.

How to open Winmail DAT File

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