How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

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How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to get icons on FIFA Career, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the FIFA Career mode allows, by default, to use only "canonical" players, or those belonging to the teams of the various leagues. In fact, the so-called icon, or the glories of the past, from Maradona a Maldini, are a kind of exclusive linked to Ultimate Team mode of the game, which takes place online.

The Career mode is instead the classic one, in which you choose a "canonical" team, for example Milan, and try to bring it to the top of the league table, whether you choose to lead the team as a coach or choose to captain it with a single player.

In any case, as you have probably already guessed, by choosing one “canonical” team cannot have icons available. However, there is a simple "trick" that, when applied, allows you to use the glories of the past in FIFA Career mode.

In the following chapters you will find all the indications to achieve this goal. I will use one PS4, but the steps below also apply to other consoles and PCs.

How to download the rose update

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

The first thing to do to get the icons in FIFA's Career mode is update the roses. In fact, developers usually add usable teams to the mode Kick off in this way.

For example, on FIFA 20 the called team was implemented with this method Soccer Aid, which in its roster includes icons of the caliber of Maradona, Maldini e Cannavaro. In short, to have the glories of the past in the Career mode, it is first necessary to find a team that contains them in that Kick-off.

Obviously, the available teams vary from chapter to chapter, ma se hai FIFA 20 you already know you can count on Soccer Aid. To get the latter, just start the game, go to the tab CUSTOM, Press the button X controller on the tile EDIT TEAMS I will select the voice DOWNLOAD UPDATES.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

After that, press the button X of the pad first on the voice Yes and later on that NEXT, in order to finish theupdating. For more details, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to update squads in FIFA.

To check the teams added by the update, you usually just need to start one Classic match via the mode Kick off, select as league Rest of the world and see which ones groups and teams are available.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

Su FIFA 20, for example, you will find the aforementioned team Soccer Aid, which contains several icon in its rose.

How to get icons on FIFA Manager Career

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

After what was explained in the previous chapter, you are probably wondering how to unlock icons in FIFA 20 Career. In fact, so far I have focused on how to upgrade squads and get the team with past glories in Kick-Off mode.

As you well know, a team added via update is not selectable in Career mode, as it does not really exist and therefore without a league in which to compete. This means that, on FIFA 20, Soccer Aid cannot be used directly in Career mode.

However, an interesting "trick" comes into play here: move icons del team Soccer Aid in una "canonical" team, for example the Milan, and select the latter to start the Career, finding all the glories of the past already in pink.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

To proceed, you just need to go, starting from the main menu of the game, in the path CUSTOMIZE> EDIT TEAMS> CLUB TRANSFERS. After that, select one team any (ex. Milan), press the button triangle controller and select the item Search by name, in order to activate the search bar.

Here you need to know the icon names you want to move from one team to another. For example, on FIFA 20 you can search Maradona, Maldini e Cannavaro, just to name a few interesting icons. Once the search, you will see the player belonging to the team Soccer Aid.

So just press the button X of the pad on it, select the team you want to start your Career with (eg Milan) and press the button again X of the controller to perform the transfer. Perfect, now the icon of your choice is part of a "canonical" team.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

Of course, you can do this as many times as you want by going to transfer a little bit all the icons available. The only thing you have to take into consideration is the fact that you can't directly access the Soccer Aid team, but you have to manually search for each of its individual players to be able to transfer it.

In any case, using this method, in a short time you will have yours at your disposal team of icons. To use it in the Career mode, just start one new match and select the team where you have transferred the glories of the past. For example, if you have relocated Maradona al Milan, you must choose the latter team for your Career.

Once a season, You'll find the icon that you transferred directly to the Rose, more precisely in the section Reserves. You are simply enough put them on the field to use them.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

Perfect, now you know everything there is to know about the possibility of use icons in FIFA Career mode.

Since you are a fan of Electronic Arts football, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to FIFA, where you can find many tutorials that could be for you.

How to get the icons on FIFA Career PS4

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