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    How to Recover Deleted SMS Android

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    Were you doing a bit of cleaning in the "Messages" app on Android and unintentionally deleted some SMS messages that were very important to you? Don't despair, you might still be able to recover them: if the portion of memory on which the messages were saved has not yet been overwritten, i.e. it has not yet been used to store new data, you might be able to restore your precious SMS.

    All you have to do is turn to some solutions, such as those listed below, and use them to "scan" the memory of your device: if the messages are still present on it, you'll be able to view and recover them in a few minutes. If not, I'm sorry, but you'll have to give up the chance to find them (unless you've made a preventive backup).

    So, curious to know more? Yes? I was counting on it. So I'd say let's put aside the chatter and go straight to action: take a few minutes of your free time, read the tips below and find out how to recover deleted Android SMS in the easiest and fastest way possible. I'm sure that, one way or another, you'll succeed. The only thing left to do is to wish you a good reading and good luck in recovering your SMS!

    Preliminary information

    The procedures to follow to recover deleted SMS from Android are very simple, but many of them require the rooting of Android: a procedure that allows you to remove the standard protections of the system and act on your device in a deeper way going, for example, to perform operations such as searching for deleted files.

    It is not difficult to implement, but varies depending on the device in use and can lead to both the deletion of data (if it is also necessary to unlock the bootloader) and the loss of warranty.

    App to recover deleted SMS from Android

    Do you want to attempt to recover deleted SMS from your smartphone without going through your PC? Well, then here are some data recovery apps that might be for you. Keep in mind, though, that installing new apps on your device could lead to overwriting the portions of memory where the messages you want to recover are located!

    EaseUS MobiSaver

    Whether you have rooted your smartphone or not, you can try to recover deleted messages directly from your device with the EaseUS MobiSaver app, which allows you to recover messages, photos, contacts, WhatsApp chats and other data from Android devices without going through your computer.

    EaseUS MobiSaver is free for recovering JPG and MP4 files, allows you to preview recoverable messages, but to actually recover them requires an in-app purchase of €6.49. Rooting is not essential for SMS, while for photos and videos it's very useful for accessing more data (thus scanning the phone's memory more "deeply").

    To install EaseUS MobiSaver on your device, open the Play Store page dedicated to the app and click on the Install button. When done, launch the app and, if you're rooted, tap on the Grant button to allow it to acquire admin rights.

    Once this is done, tap on the SMS button, allow the app to access your phone's SMS and wait a few minutes for it to scan your device's memory. Then tap on the titles of the messages found by the app to view the complete conversation.

    To export messages, instead, select them by putting a check in the box next to their titles and then press the Recover button in the upper right corner. This operation, as mentioned above, is only possible by purchasing the full version of EaseUS MobiSaver.

    Programs to recover deleted SMS from Android

    If you prefer to act from your PC, you can download the data recovery programs that I'm going to recommend, connect your smartphone to your computer and follow the instructions to recover deleted SMS below.

    EaseUS MobiSaver for Android (Windows)

    The first software I recommend you to try is called EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and it is the desktop version of the app I mentioned earlier. It is designed to recover messages, photos, contacts, videos and music from phones equipped with the Android operating system. It's only compatible with Windows and it's free, but it has the limitation of being able to export only one file at a time: this means that you'll have to select only one message at a time, choose the folder on your PC where to save it and repeat the operation for all the SMS to be recovered. Alternatively, the Pro version of the software is available, which costs €36.95 and does not have this limitation.

    EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is very easy to use, but to use it you need to have both root and USB debugging enabled on your phone. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is very easy to use, but to use it you need to have both root and USB debugging enabled.

    USB debugging, on the other hand, is a special mode for connecting Android devices to the computer. To activate it, go to the Settings of the operating system, select About phone from the menu that opens and click on the Buid number heading seven times in a row. Go to Settings > Developer Options and check the USB debugging box to complete the process.

    Now you can download EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. Go to the program's website and click the Free Download button, then open the installation package named emsa-free.exe and click Yes and then OK.

    Check the I accept the agreement box, click the Next button three times in a row, and uncheck the Participate in the Costumer Experience Improvement Program option to prevent EaseUS from sending anonymous usage statistics. To conclude, click the Next, Install, Install and Finish buttons and the software installation process will be completed.

    Now, launch EaseUS MobiSaver, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and start scanning your device with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android by clicking the Start button present on the home screen of the software. If the phone is not detected, try expanding the Android notifications menu (by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom) and select File Connection Mode (MTP) from the USB connection section.

    Warnings about connecting to your computer will appear on your smartphone screen: check the Always allow from this computer box and always click OK. Then, when the SuperSU(or SuperUser) warning appears, click Grant to allow MobiSaver to run with root permissions.

    Good: now wait for the phone scan to finish, select the Messages item from the left sidebar and put a check mark next to the title of the SMS you want to recover. Then, click the Recover button, choose the folder where you want to export the message, and you're done. Repeat the process for all the SMS messages you want to recover. The files will be saved as HTML documents that you can view with any browser.

    iReparo for Android (Windows/MacOS)

    In case EaseUS MobiSaver didn't meet your expectations, you can try iReparo for Android, a program for Windows and macOS that allows you to recover deleted data from Android devices. It's pay-as-you-go, costing $49.95, but it's available in a free trial version that lets you view the text of all the messages on your device's memory.

    To download iReparo for Android on your computer, go to the official website of the program, select the Windows or Mac entry and press the Download button. Once the download is complete, if you are using Windows, open the .exe file and click on the Yes and OK buttons. Check the box next to I accept the agreement and click on Next four times in a row, then on Install and Finish to complete the setup.

    If you're using a Mac, open the iReparo for Android pkg package and click Continue twice in a row, then click Install. Then type in your system's administration password and finish the setup by clicking on the Install software and Move buttons in sequence.

    Now, launch iReparo for Android and connect your smartphone to the computer. As explained in the previous chapter on EaseUS MobiSaver, you need to enable USB debugging in the Settings > Developer options menu of your phone. Rooting is not required instead.

    At this point, click on the Contact, SMS, Call log button of iReparo for Android, answer yes to the USB debugging prompts that appear on your smartphone, and then click on the Start button to start searching for deleted SMS. You will have to wait a few minutes for the computer and phone to communicate.

    The iReparo for Android app will open on your smartphone: choose whether or not to back up your data and press Yes and then Start in the program window on your computer to start the actual scan of your phone.

    Once the scan is complete, select Messages from the sidebar of iReparo for Android and select the deleted SMS you're interested in (if any): in this way, you should be able to view the complete conversation history and retrieve the information you need.

    If you have purchased the full version of the program, you can export the selected messages to your computer by clicking the Recover button (bottom right).

    Note: Using iReparo for Android may result in deletion of the SuperSu app on rooted devices. To fix this, re-download the relevant app from the Play Store.

    Other useful solutions

    If you want to avoid such situations in the future, take my advice and install SMS Backup & Restore. This is a free app that allows you to create a backup copy of all the SMS messages on your phone and restore them if needed.

    How does it work? Nothing could be easier. After downloading the app to your smartphone, click on the GET STARTED button to accept the terms of use, then click on Allow to give it all the necessary permissions for its operation and immediately call up the Backup function by clicking on the appropriate button.

    In the screen that opens, choose to save messages and/or calls and continue. Then choose whether to save the data on your phone or on a cloud storage service (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox), click Next, choose whether to schedule an automatic recurring backup and press the START BACKUP button (bottom right) to start saving data.

    Then, if you want to restore a backup made with the app and recover any deleted SMS, click on the ☰ button in the top left corner, select the Restore item from the side menu, choose the backup path to restore, select the backup of your choice and click on RESTORE (bottom right) to start the data transfer. It will take a few moments to complete the operation.

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