WhatsApp does not work: what to do

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WhatsApp does not work today

If you want to find out why WhatsApp does not work today, I anticipate that the problems could be basically two: the platform is plagued by problems (in this case the only thing you can do is wait for them to be solved by WhatsApp) or your Internet connection is not optimal. Let's see how to behave in both situations.

Check the status of the servers

A first thing I recommend you do is check the status of the WhatsApp servers, which can help you to ascertain the genesis of the app malfunction.

Given that sometimes the inefficiencies of WhatsApp depend on problems with the Facebook servers (the company that manages the well-known messaging platform), I recommend that you first go to this page dedicated to the status of Facebook servers and analyze the situation. Unfortunately, there is no page dedicated exclusively to the status of WhatsApp servers.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of DownDetector: an independent portal that collects user reports regarding the malfunctioning of online services, messaging apps (such as WhatsApp), social networks etc. To use it, go to the page dedicated to WhatsApp reports and see if there are news related to recent malfunctions of the application.

Another thing, again, you can do is take advantage of Twitter, where any disruptions of popular platforms are often reported by users with ad hoc hashtags, such as #WhatsAppDown.

If you notice that the WhatsApp servers have problems, the malfunctions you have encountered are certainly attributable to this thing: you can only wait and hope that they will be solved in a short time.

Check the Internet connection

If the WhatsApp servers are working, I would recommend you to check the Internet connection on your device.

If you are connected to a network Wi-Fi, look at the appropriate icon (the triangle with the tip pointing down) located at the top right or top left, depending on the smartphone in use: if the Wi-Fi cleats they are all full, the connection is optimal; if they are partially empty, the signal is poor and this condition could affect the correct functioning of WhatsApp.

Also keep in mind one thing: if you are connected to Wi-Fi, it is not said that the connection to the Internet is actually working. Self WhatsApp does not work with Wi-Fiin fact, it may be that the device in use is connected to the wireless network, but it may not have access to the Internet due to network problems attributable to the provider or due to a non-optimal router configuration.

You could check this by opening any site on another device connected to the same network and following the other indications I have given you in my in-depth analysis on how to solve the most common network problems.

If you are using WhatsApp below data network, on the other hand, in correspondence with the provider name (top left or top right, depending on the device in use), you should see the wording relating to the type of network in use (eg. 3G / 4G, H / H + o 5G). If you see the wording E (Edge), on the other hand, means that the network signal is scarce or totally absent. I therefore advise you to contact your operator's customer care (eg TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE, Iliad or ho) to request resolution of the problem. It must be said that if you are in an area with little coverage, there is little you can do to solve the problem, other than move to an area where there is more field.

If you do not see the icons and words that I have just indicated, it may also be that the Wi-Fi connection and / or the data connection is disabled. To check this, go to your device settings.

  • Your Android - open the app Settings, go to the section Wireless and Networks, presses on the wording Wi-Fi and, if necessary, move up ON the switch related to this connection (if it was already active, try to deactivate it and reactivate it a short time later). As for the data connection, however, presses on the wording Data usage and, to the voice Data network, slide the switch to ON (if the connection was already active, try to deactivate it and reactivate it immediately afterwards).
  • Su iPhone - go to the app Settings, select the dicitura Wi-Fi and move up ON the switch on the new screen that opened (if the data connection was already active, you could try to deactivate it and reactivate it later). As for the data connection, however, after opening the app Settings, presses on the wording Mobile phone and move up ON the switch located next to the item Cellular data (if the connection was already active, try to deactivate it and activate it after a while).

As a final check regarding Internet connection problems, I suggest you make one speed test. If you've never heard of it, just know that it's a test that can analyze your Wi-Fi and cellular Internet connection.

In the event of a WhatsApp malfunction, this type of analysis will be useful to understand if the disruption to the application is due to an unmotivated and sudden slowness of your Internet connection. To learn more about the subject and find out which is the best speed test that I recommend you use to carry out this verification, read my guide dedicated to the subject.

Whatsapp does not work: what should I do

Se WhatsApp does not work and you want to know what do you have to do to try to fix the problem, try to follow the steps below - perhaps with one of these you might actually be able to get over the situation.

Restart the device

If you can't send or receive messages on WhatsApp, you could just try to restart the device. Turning off and re-accessing the smartphone on which you usually use the famous messaging app could be a simple and effective way to solve the malfunctions encountered, given that sometimes it can happen that something unspecified "jams" causing various malfunctions of the applications.

To restart a phone Android, press and hold the Power button and, when the shutdown buttons appear on the screen, press the button for restart and confirm; to restart a iPhone with Face ID, press the side button along with the button Volume down, until you are shown the shutdown slider, swipe from left to right on the lever that appears on the screen; after about 30 seconds, press and hold the side button until the device turns on again; to restart a iPhone with Home buttoninstead, hold down the Power button until you are shown the shutdown cursor, swipe from left to right on the latter to shut down the "iPhone by" and, after about 30 seconds, press the button again Power button until the device turns on again. More info here.

If after restarting the smartphone the problems continue and you are still wondering "Why doesn't WhatsApp work?" perhaps the reason is due to the fact that the SIM has recently been changed to the device. In fact, you must know that WhatsApp only works with one number for each device, as indicated here.

Check the permissions granted to the app

WhatsApp does not work on Huawei or on any other device Android in your possession? Or whatsapp does not work on iPhone, although you have followed all the instructions I have given you so far? Check the permissions granted to the WhatsApp app could help you solve any problems. If certain permissions are missing, such as access to the address book or the camera, in fact, the WhatsApp app will not work correctly. Here's how to do this.

  • Your Android - go to the menu Settings> Apps> WhatsApp> App permissions and see what are the permissions granted to the application: if someone is not granted (eg. the permission to contacts or the one at camera), press on the name of the latter and grant it by moving on ON the relative lever. Please note that the above procedure may vary slightly from one device to another.
  • Your iPhone - go to the menu Settings> WhatsApp and (if necessary) move up ON the switches placed in correspondence with the various permissions requested (eg. Contacts, Camera, Etc.).

Carry out the initial verification of WhatsApp

If despite all the tests done you continue to have problems sending and / or receiving messages on WhatsApp, the problem could be related to the failure to complete the initial verification process. In order to use WhatsApp it is in fact necessary to register the app on your phone.

To deal with this, just delete and reinstall WhatsApp and thus be able to carry out the initial verification procedure by chance. An SMS will be sent to you with a code of confirmation that you will have to type in the verification screen via SMS which will open immediately after starting the application. On the screen in question be sure to type yours telephone number mobile phone preceded by the telephone area code (prefix for the 'city).

Alternatively you can choose the option that concerns the verification by voice call and, in this case, you will receive a phone call indicating the code to be typed to complete the initial WhatsApp verification procedure. More info here.

Set the time zone to "Automatic"

Are you having time problems related to receiving messages? Set the time zone to "Automatic" can help solve this unfortunate malfunction. Let me tell you how.

  • Your Android - go to the menu Settings> Date and time o Settings> Additional Settings> Date and Time and make sure that the lever placed in correspondence with the item Automatic time zone sia spostata her ON (otherwise you do it). Please note that the steps and wordings may be slightly different depending on the device in your possession.
  • Your iPhone - go to the menu Settings> General> Date and time and make sure that the lever placed in correspondence with the wording Automatic sia spostata her ON (otherwise you can do it yourself).

For more information on how to set the time on your mobile, I invite you to consult the in-depth analysis that I have dedicated entirely to the subject.

Reinstall the WhatsApp app

Another valid solution to try to get the WhatsApp application to work normally is to uninstall and reinstall the application. The problems encountered, in fact, could be attributable to one or more application files that are corrupt. Don't worry, it's nothing so serious: in this case, just remove and download WhatsApp again to restore its correct functioning.

To proceed on Android, hold your finger on the WhatsApp icon on the home screen or in the drawer, tap the button (X), on the item Uninstall or on the wording Delete. The procedure and wording may vary slightly from one device to another. More info here.

To reinstall the app, open the Play Store (if you are using a device without Google services, you can download the APK package from the official WhatsApp site), search "WhatsApp" and, once in the app download screen, press the button Install and wait for the installation to finish.

Su iPhoneInstead, locate the WhatsApp icon located on the Home screen, keep your finger pressed on it and, in the opened menu, select the item Remove app. Then he presses the voices Delete app ed Delete.

To reinstall WhatsApp on iPhone, open theApp Store, premium pulsating Search (bottom right), search "WhatsApp" making use of the search bar placed at the top of the screen and, after selecting the right occurrence, presses the icon of speech bubble with arrow pointing down and eventually confirm your intentions with the Face ID, touch ID or the Password Apple ID).

I hope that reinstalling WhatsApp solves the problems encountered. Anyway, if you want to know more about how to reinstall WhatsApp, read the tutorial I dedicated to the topic.

WhatsApp Web doesn't work

Se WhatsApp Web does not work, you might try to fix the problem closing the active sessions and redoing the QR Code scanning procedure, as shown below.

  • Your Android - open WhatsApp, press the icon of three vertical dots (top right), tap on the item Web WhatsApp and presses on the wording Disconnect from all devices. Then press the button capacitor positive (+) lead (top right) and frame the QR Code on the WhatsApp Web page open on the PC.
  • Your iPhone - open the WhatsApp app, tap on the items Settings> WhatsApp Web / Desktop, presses on name of an active session and press on the wording Disconnect present in the new screen that opened. Repeat, therefore, the operation also for the other active sessions and press the button Collect a device, located on the screen WhatsApp Web / Desktop. In conclusion, authenticate (if required) with the Face ID or touch ID and scan the QR Code on the WhatsApp Web page open on the PC.

I also invite you to check the Internet connection of the smartphone on which WhatsApp is being used (I explained how to do it in one of the previous chapters), since if the connection is not good on the latter, WhatsApp Web will not work properly.

WhatsApp does not work: what to do

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