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Flash Player

Flash Player is the hugely popular cross-platform plugin produced by Adobe that allows you to play videos, games and other multimedia content on the Web. Although it is a technology destined to be superseded by the new HTML5 Web standard within a few years, there are still many streaming sites that use it to offer own services. It therefore remains indispensable for watch movies for free on many web services. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download from here.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight it's a multimedia plugin made by Microsoft as a response to Flash Player. It therefore allows you to play videos, games and other advanced content on the Web. It is much less popular than Adobe's Player but there are still several important sites, such as those of some television networks, which require it to watch movies for free. It is available for Windows and Mac. Download from here.


VLC is considered by many to be the best free media player existing. It is, in fact, a complete and reliable program that allows you to play all the main video file formats without the need for external codecs, not only locally but also on the Internet. It supports streaming streams in all major formats (including Windows Media) and also allows the playback of YouTube videos by directly entering the video URL as the network destination of the movie to be played. It is completely in Italian and is available for all major operating systems: Windows, OS X and Linux. Download from here.

Windows Media Player

Difficult not to know him. Windows Media Player is the default Windows media player that allows you to play all major media file formats both locally and online. In the latest versions (those included in Windows 7 and Windows 8) it does not require external codecs to read popular file formats, such as AVI / DivX. It is also used by some sites that offer the possibility of watch movies for free streaming legally, in fact it integrates perfectly into all the main most used web browsers. Download from here.


PotPlayer It is one of more complete and advanced media players available for Windows. Despite being 100% free, it offers many advanced features that are difficult to find even in similar paid solutions. In addition to supporting all video file formats, it allows you to apply special effects to video and audio during playback and works great even on older computers. It is also capable of optimizing HD video viewing for less powerful PCs. Download from here.


SVPTube is a small free application that allows you to view YouTube videos with the default media player Windows. It constantly monitors the system clipboard, so as to steal the addresses of YouTube videos on the fly and allows direct viewing within Windows Media Player, VLC and the like with a simple click. It also allows you to set the video playback quality before you start watching. Download from here.

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