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Are you passionate about cinema and would you like to be able to watch a movie wherever you are? Is the TV at home always busy and you need a solution to be able to watch movies from your smartphone? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, fear not: you've come to the right place at the right time. With today's guide, in fact, I will show you the ones that in my opinion are the best app for watching movies on smartphones and tablets.

There are several that you can rely on: some allow you to watch films recently released from cinemas, others to access a rich catalog of lesser-known films, cinema classics or niche feature films. You can also choose between free solutions (some without registration) and subscription services that include an initial free trial.

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If you are willing to learn more and want to find out which are the best apps to have a "portable" cinema always with you, make yourself comfortable and read the next paragraphs carefully. I'm sure you'll eventually find the solution that's right for you. Are you ready to start? Well, then I wish you good reading ... and, above all, good viewing!


  • App to watch movies for free
  • App for watching paid movies
  • Other apps for watching movies

App to watch movies for free

Before signing up for subscriptions and activating paid plans, you should know that there are numerous applications that allow you to watch movies for free in some cases without registration obligation. You can find more or less recent films, cinema classics, horror films, thrillers or sentimental films, animated films and niche feature films. Here are some solutions that can work for you.

VVVVID (Android / iOS)

One of the first solutions to consider for watching free movies from smartphones and tablets is VVVVID. In its catalog there are niche films, cinema classics, Japanese anime, TV series and many other contents available for free and without limitations. The service is accessible via browser and with the app for Android and iOS devices.

To start watching movies and all the content on VVVVID, you need a quick registration. After downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, then, start it and, on the first screen, press the button Accedi con Facebook to link VVVVID to your social account; otherwise press on the item Subscribe to register via email. Then enter your details in the fields Your name, Last name, Email, Password, Birthday, Gender and tick to accept the terms of use of the service and the privacy policy. To complete the registration, press the button Subscribe.

At this point you are ready to start viewing the contents on VVVVID. So press on the item Videos at the top and choose the title to play by selecting one of the sections present: Recommended with the contents highlighted, Popular with the most viewed content e New releases with the most recent titles. By selecting the item Genres you can filter movies by genre (eg Adventure, Action, Biographical etc), while clicking on the option AZ you can access the complete list of films arranged in alphabetical order.

Once you have chosen the title you want to see, click on his cover image e fai tap sul pulsating Guarda to start playback.

RaiPlay (Android / iOS / Windows)

RaiPlay is the official app of Rai and allows you to watch state TV channels live, to see the programming of the last seven days and to access a rich catalog of on-demand content. It is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

To watch movies on RaiPlay, you need to download the service app, start it and create an account. Then press the RaiPlay icon on the home screen of your device, tap the button  to open the main menu of the application and press on the item Login / Register to create your account. You can choose to log in by connecting one of your social accounts (by tapping on the buttons Accedi con Facebook o Log in with Twitter), or register via email. In the latter case, press the button Subscribe, inseerisci i tuoi dati nei campi Your nameLast nameEmailPasswordGenderBirthday e fai tap sul pulsating Subscribe. In a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: press it to confirm the creation of your account.

You are now ready to watch a movie on RaiPlay. Start the app again and log in with your details login, award-winning  and select the item Videos. Then click on the section All to access the list of films sorted alphabetically, tap on one of the genres present (Dramatic, Comedy, Action, Adventure etc.) to filter the titles by genre or press the icon magnifying glass (top right) to search for a movie by title, typing its name in the search bar. Once you have identified the title you want to see, click on its cover image to access the information sheet. Then press the ▶ ︎ button to start playing it.

To access live programming, press the button  and choose the item direct. So press on the chosen channel and the playback will start automatically. You can learn more about the functioning of the service by reading my guide on how to see RaiPlay.

Paramount Channel (Android/iOS)

Available on channel 27 of digital terrestrial and on satellite, Paramount Channel It is also available on the Web. Paramount Pictures Corporation broadcaster provides access to a large catalog of on-demand movies in addition to live streaming.

Viewing content on Paramount Channel is simple and requires no registration. After downloading the application, which is available for Android and iOS devices, launch it and press the item Skip this step and log into the application to ignore the authentication request with social networks. Then press the icon  (top left) to access the main menu, tap on the item Video, click on the option last and choose the section Movie in streaming. Once you have chosen the title to play, press on its cover image to start playing it.

YouTube (Android/iOS)

Many know YouTube but not everyone knows that on the well-known video sharing and viewing platform offered by YouTube, it is possible to watch films for free, legally and without the need to register. It is accessible from the web, but is also available as an application for Android and iOS devices.

I must admit that finding a movie on YouTube is not an easy procedure, but below you can find a list of channels that allow you to freely access a large catalog of titles.

  • Movie On: is the YAM112003 network channel and offers hundreds of movies. There are films of various genres such as, for example, action, horror, comedy and much more. It offers recent and older titles, films in Italian and in their original language.
  • Film & Clips: Minerva Pictures, an Italian film production and distribution company, is present on YouTube with Film & Clips, a channel where thousands of films are collected, mostly Italian films but also more recent American films.
  • KoreanFilm: a channel for lovers of Asian cinema with Korean classic titles, available both in the original language and with Italian subtitles.
  • Movies on YouTube: is the channel that collects the films available for rent and purchase. Requires registration and offers paid titles, with hundreds of films starting at € 0,49.

PopCorn TV (browser)

PopCorn TV is one of the best websites to watch movies. Although it is not available in the form of an application, it still deserves to be taken into consideration also from mobile devices as it can be used from the browser of smartphones and tablets. In its catalog there are numerous films, most of them American, visible without registration.

To start watching content, connect to the PopCorn TV site and press the button  to open the main menu. Then press on the item Cinema e fai tap sull'opzione Streaming cinema to access the list of available genres and choose the one you are interested in from Action, Comedy, Horror, Dramatic, Unpublished and many others. At this point, press on playbill of the movie to watch and, on the next screen, tap the button Look now to enjoy the show.

The section is also available Cinema Premium with titles that require free registration. To create your account, click on thelittle man (top right) and tap on the item Not registered? Register now. Then press the blue button Register with 1 click to connect your Facebook account to PopCorn TV or fill in the fields Your name, Email, Age, Gender, Password and press pulsating Register for free to register via email.

VLC (Android/iOS/Windows)

In addition to the classic video streaming services, you can also watch movies through media players. Among the most famous in the world there is certainly VLC, which is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

To watch a movie via VLC, you have several solutions available. If you have an Android or a Windows terminal, you can simply transfer the video contents to the memory of your device, by connecting the latter to the computer and using theFile Explorer Windows to copy the files of your interest. You can get more info about it by reading my guide on how to transfer Android files.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can connect the device to your computer and use iTunes to sync content. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the sharing function via Wi-Fi. Then click on the icon traffic cone (top left) and tap on the item Sharing via Wi-Fi to activate it. Now, in the address bar of the browser on your computer, type the address proposed by VLC (for example http://iPhone-di-nome.local) and add the contents by clicking the button + to transfer them to your device using the wireless connection.

In addition, you can access one of the many cloud services supported by the application and access the vision of the video content present in them. Then click on the icon traffic cone, tap on the item Cloud services, choose one of the services available from dropbox, Google Drive, Box e OneDrive and press on the item Accesso to enter login data and access your account. Once logged in, you can play the content in streaming by pressing on its title and using the Internet connection or you can download the file and watch it in offline mode, by pressing the icon of the freccia rivolta verse il basso.

To access the list of all the movies on your device and visible on VLC, press the icon traffic cone, tap on the item All files and first title to start playback. You can learn more by reading my guide dedicated to VLC Media Player.

App for watching paid movies

Among the solutions you can consider there are also numerous paid video on-demand services, most of which offers the possibility of activating a free trial which, for a limited period of time, allows you to access all their features without limitations and without any restrictions. In short, if one of your needs is to access recent titles that have just come out of cinemas, have the critically acclaimed titles and the films of the moment available, below you will find a series of solutions that could really be for you. .

Netflix (Android / iOS / Windows)

Netflix is one of the best apps to watch movies by signing up for a subscription. It offers a large catalog with films, TV series, documentaries and cartoons. During the promo periods, it offers a free trial of variable duration, for example 14 or 30 days, with no restrictions. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices, but not on rooted or jailbroken devices.

It offers subscriptions for all budgets: with the plan Basic (€ 7,99 / month) allows you to watch standard definition content from only one device at a time; with the subscription Standard (11,99 euro / month) allows you to watch all the contents in Full HD and allows up to a maximum of two simultaneous accesses; plan Premium (15,99 euro / month)finally, it offers the highest quality with UltraHD / 4K content and simultaneously on a maximum number of 4 devices.

After downloading and launching Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, the first step you need to take to watch a movie is to create an account and, if you are a new user, activate the free trial. Then press the button Subscribe for free for one month, tap on the item Continue and, in the following screens, presses the button See plans. At this point, select the subscription you want to subscribe and press twice on the item Continue. Enter therefore Email e Password in the appropriate fields and press the red button Continue. As a last step, confirm the payment method (credit card, PayPal or even Play Store for Android devices and iTunes Store per iPhone/iPad).

To watch a movie on Netflix, click on the icon  located at the top left and select one of the genres present among Action and adventureComedydocumentaries, Drama, Film crime, Independent films, Italian films and many others. Once you have chosen the title you want to see, click on his cover image to access the description sheet and tap the red button Play to enjoy the show.

By pressing, instead, on the icon of the arrow, you can take advantage of Netflix's download function and download content locally to watch it offline. Find more information on this feature in my tutorial on how to watch Netflix offline.

You can deactivate the automatic renewal of your Netflix subscription at any time by pressing the button  and tapping on the item Account. The browser window will open automatically, then press the button Cancel subscription And that's it. If you want to have more details, I leave you to my guides on how Netflix works and how to subscribe to Netflix.

Chili (Android / iOS)

If you are looking for an app that allows you to watch movies without subscribing but, at the same time, you find the offer of free streaming services unsatisfactory, you can only turn to Chile: one of the main platforms for the rental and purchase of films in digital format (and not only), thanks to which it is possible to watch first-run films by paying only for the contents of your interest.

Chili is available in the form of an app for Android and iOS, however on the Apple home system it only allows you to watch content purchased or rented through the official website of the service (or through the apps available on other platforms). Having made this necessary clarification, let's take action.

Since to use the Chili app it is necessary to have an account on the service, open the browser of your mobile device (eg. Chrome your android or Safari on iOS), connected to the main page of Chili, presses the icon of thelittle man located at the top right and select the item first Log in or register from the menu that opens and then the item Register for free from the next page. If you use the Chili app for Android, you can perform the same operation by pressing the ☰ button located at the top left and selecting the item Log in or register from the menu that appears on the side. At this point, all you have to do is choose whether to register with Chili by filling out the appropriate form or to authenticate through your account Facebookby pressing the appropriate button.

Upon completion of registration, if you are using Android, press the ☰ button and go to Home or in the section Videos of the Chili app to locate the movie of your interest. If you are using iOS, however, to perform the same operation and browse the films in the catalog, you have to open Safari and connect to the Chili site (by then logging into your account via the icon of thelittle man located at the top right).

Once you have identified the content of your interest, tap on its playbill, then on the button with the icon cart and finally, choose one of the available options from rental e purchase. So choose if watch now the selected movie or if add it to cart, complete the transaction and enjoy the show. Prices start at € 0,90 for rental and € 4,99 for the purchase of each film. The accepted payment methods are: card, Paypal, Satispay and Chili credit resulting from the use of promo codes and gift cards.

Once purchased or rented, the films become available in the section My chili of the app. The rented titles remain available for 28 days and, from their first reproduction, have a deadline of 48 hours. Those purchased can be viewed at any time as many times as you wish. To download them locally and watch them offline, however, you have to proceed in different ways: on Android, you have to press the icon ⋮ located under their poster and select the option Download from the menu that opens, while on iOS you have to press on them playbill and then on the button Download. More info here.

Infinity (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

Infinity is another good service for watching movies on mobile devices. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices and offers a catalog that counts 2500 titles, proposing itself as a real alternative to Netflix.

It is possible to try the service launched by Mediaset through a free 30-day trial. To activate it, after downloading and starting the app, press the button  and tap on the item How to activate Infinity. Pulia quindi sul pulsating Infinity 1 mese a 5,99 and activate the payment via credit card, PayPal,  Play Store for Android devices and iTunes Store per iPhone/iPad.

To start watching a movie on Infinity, start the service app and on the main screen you can choose a title among those proposed in Most viewed, The most voted, Just arrived on Infinity etc. Alternatively, click on the button , tap on the item Cinema and choose one of the genres present among Entrainment , Adventure, Action, Cinema author, Comic and many others. Once you have identified the film you want to see, click on its poster and click on the button Guarda. If you prefer to watch the title later, click on the item Download to download it and view it in offline mode.

To deactivate the automatic renewal of your subscription, by devices Androidavvia Google Play Store by tapping on its icon, presses the button  e seleciona le voci Account e Subscriptions, awarded his Infinity e fai tap sul pulsating Cancel. On iPhone and iPad, open the settings of iOS by pressing the identify icon from the gear wheel, tap on the item iTunes Store and App Store, awarded his Apple ID and tap on the item View Apple ID. Then press on the item Subscriptions and presses the button Cancel trial period relative to Infinity.

If you have activated the browser trial, click on the button , tap on the item Accounts and settings and on the option Manage accounts. A browser window will open, then click on the item Your subscription e fai tap sull'opzione Suspend renewal on your pulse I want to suspend. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about the use of the service, I leave you to my guide on how Infinity works.

NOW TV (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

NOW TV is Sky's online TV that offers a catalog with over 800 on-demand films and allows you to stream the channels dedicated to cinema available on Sky. The ticket (package) to choose is Cinema which at a cost of 9,99 euros / month allows you to have access to the catalog without limitations, as well as having 5 new films a week.

If you are a new user, you can register on NOW TV by activating the free 14 day trial and get a discount on the first month subscription. To create a new account, you must act through the browser of your mobile device. Then connect to the NOW TV site, press the button Try 14 days at 0 € and choose to activate the plan NOW TV All Screen (which includes the Cinema) by pressing the button again Try 14 days at 0 €. Press the button Connect with Facebook to link your social account to NOW TV or enter Email address e Password in the appropriate fields to register via email.

Then press the green button Continue and complete the registration by entering your data in the fields Your name, Last name, Mobile phone, Tax Code, City, Address, Postcode e Province. As a last step, choose the payment method between credit card (and enter your card details) or PayPal, by entering the PayPal login data to link the account to NOW TV. I remind you that the first 14 days are trial and you will not be charged any costs.

Now you can start watching NOW TV movies. So open the service app and do the login with your data: on the main screen you can choose one of the titles suggested by NOW TV, otherwise you can press the button  and tap on the item Cinema to select the category you prefer the most from Most viewed, LGBT Pride, Collections, Genres e All to access the on-demand content, otherwise press on the item Channels on air for the list of Sky cinema channels such as, for example, Sky Cinema One, Sky Cinema Hits, Sky Cinema Family and numerous others. Once you have chosen the title or channel to watch, press on its cover image and tap the ▶ ︎ button to start playing it.

Again, you can turn off automatic renewal at any time and without constraints. You can do this by acting through the browser, by pressing the button  and selecting the voice Switch to the classic version. Then press on the item My Area, presses the button Manage tickets, click on the item Modification next to each active ticket and then click on the option Confirmation to confirm deactivation. For more info on using the service, you can read my guide on how NOW TV works.

Other apps for watching movies

In conclusion, if the previous solutions have not satisfied your desire for movies or if you want to have other solutions to consider, I leave you with a list of other valid services to which you can download from your smartphone or tablet.

  • TIMvision (Android / iOS / Windows 10.): TIM's on-demand TV has a catalog with over ten thousand titles including films, documentaries and cartoons. TIM Smart customers have the service already included in the telephone plan, otherwise the cost is 4,99 euros / 4 weeks. Find out in more detail how TIMvision works by reading my guide dedicated to the service.
  • Amazon Prime Video (Android / iOS): the service launched by Jeff Bezos' giant is included in the subscription of all Amazon Prime customers who for 36 euros / year or 4,99 euros / month will be able to access a vast catalog that boasts films, series originals and much more. You can learn more by reading the Amazon Prime Video Italy guide: how it works.
  • Mediaset On Demand (Android / iOS): this is the official Mediaset application that allows you to access live coverage of the Lombard group's channels and an on-demand content catalog which, however, does not include films.
  • SuperGuidaTv (Android / iOS): an app that collects on-demand content from numerous TV channels. It offers the programming of the last 7 days of channels such as Rai, Mediaset, Nove, Real Time, Giallo, K2, DMAX and Focus TV, with sections such as, for example, Movies, News, Entertainment, TV Series, Show, Sit Com and numerous others.
  • Infuse 5 (iOS): one of the best video players for iOS. It allows you to watch videos via iPhone and iPad, supporting 14 formats. Among the most interesting features, it allows you to download subtitles from and to play video content on computers or storage devices connected to the network. The Infuse 5 Pro version is also available at a price of 15,99 euros and with more features and more video formats supported.

Note: The contents of the services mentioned in this tutorial may be subject to regional restrictions and may not be available in some countries. To bypass these blocks - and access the foreign catalogs of the platforms that allow it - you can use a service of VPN (i.e. a virtual private network) through which to disguise one's geographical position and make the connection encrypted. There are some of the most interesting VPNs of the moment NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark (which I talked about here). They are competitively priced, have servers scattered around the world and are compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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